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Extended Workforce


No Posting of Jobs. No waiting for unrated workers to bid. No unmanaged teams.

Managed Teams for Marketing, Software Development and any other business functions. Start with consultation, approve the work plan, pay and work starts.

What is Working+

On Working+ you’ll get a team of managed workforce where you can pick the top skilled people among programmers to designers, writers, customer support reps, and more.

  • Talk : Consult & Contract
  • Get the team: Approve your team and workplan
  • Work : Engage with your extended workforce and oversee the gradual completion
  • Pay : Pay when you are satisfied and with complete peace of mind . Be assured, You are getting the top value for your money.

I am here to get Work done

You are not posting jobs and getting bombarded with disconnected responses. You are helped to form a team of your liking, instantly. Your work is managed with OKR’s. You approve and give more work and pay when you are totally satisfied.

I am here to do Work

Our skill registry is our core.

We are doing it so that we have one universal skill registry of all workforce, ratified and verified for all skills at a particular point.